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  Keys to Your Future - Medicare

Medicare Supplements and Part D Drug Plans

You hold the keys to your future. Find out what they open.

    Working with all the NJ and NY carriers, I can show you your options.

    Navigate the ABCD’s of Medicare.

    Learn about the new guidelines for Medicare Reform.

    I hold your hand through the entire Medicare maze.

Insurance & the "Caveman Gene"

American families are at risk. Here's why. We all have the "Caveman Gene" - a biological mechanism to procrastinate. We evolved from cavemen and were programmed to stay in our cave for safety. To leave the cave meant the risk of being eaten by lions and tigers and bears. So we stayed in the cave until we were compelled to leave - to avoid starvation. We quickly left our cave, got our kill, and scurried back.

We are programmed only to take action if we are uncomfortable. Our brain still thinks if we take any action, it's dangerous, so it continually tells us to do nothing unless we are starving or experiencing great discomfort. Given that your "Caveman Gene" has operated all your life, do you think this has caused you to miss opportunities? You agree insurance makes logical sense but hesitate & really don't know why. That's the "Caveman Gene" running your life.

Health Insurance

Let me help you navigate the maze of health insurance. Call or e-mail today!

Puzzled about Insurance?
      Carolyn King, CLU,ChFC,RHU

      Phone: (973) 875-2090


Specializing in:

  • Health Insurance - Individual and group plans, ancillary and wellness plans
  • Senior Medical Plans - supplement plans and drug plans to coordinate with Medicare
  • Federal New Jersey and New York Exchange Information - help with applications
  • Life Insurance Quotes - NJ, NY, PA
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Employer benefits to make group administration a breeze at